Superstar Aspiration Chapter 32

Long time no see! And I deeply apologize for suddenly disappearing. No matter what, I should have at least given a heads ups. It was a mix of family, school, depression, and I didn’t really want to translate at the time. Everything else kinda contributed to the feelings so I was worned out. Don’t worry, it’s not that I wanted to stop, I was just really tired of everything.

Now, is real life done with me yet? No. Not at all. But I’m done with it and that’s why I’m here!  And you guys have waited long enough. Coming back to this makes me realize again that reading about Rong Xu and a certain idiot Orange makes me happy which is saying a lot considering these past months.

I don’t know when the next chapter will be out since I have SAT testing coming up but I’ll do my best.



Superstar Aspiration Chapter 31

My school doesn’t like to give students free time @v@ I forgot it was a mini test season when is it not at my school

At least I finally have enough time to finish this orz

Anyway, enjoyNot edited (Because I posted this before giving it to Shem lol, please tell me if you find any mistakes, but it should be readable.)

Superstar Aspiration Chapter 30

Sorry, things got a bit hectic last week. School is starting to pull out all the projects, I got sick, had to go to the doctor’s, etc. I better now, but school is still going to be busy.

As a heads up, there will still be a chapter a week, but I don’t know about it being on exactly Monday, so just look out for that

oof anyway~

Enjoy~ Not edited, please tell me if you find any mistakes, but it should be readable.

TWRSB Announcement – Goodbye…

Hello, its been a long time now. It has been exactly three months since the last posting, meaning TWRSB is now free for someone else to pick up.

As you guys can tell, I will be dropping TRWSB. I’ve been mulling over whether or not to drop TRWSB and let someone else take over, but in the end, I think it was best to let it go and give it to someone who could be more dedicated towards this novel.

I’ve been trying to force myself to work on it, but it just didn’t work. I do still love the story and Qi Shaorong, but I realized loving to read the story and loving to translate the story are two completely different things. I feel no motivation to work on this novel, and find it a pain.

There are tons of stories that I like, but have never attempted to translate. I actually had no intention of translating in the first place, TWRSB was the first novel I thought to try. It was my first time, so I was still figuring things out and kinda went ahead with no plan. As you can see, it ended up to this. I don’t want to hold up this novel and selfishly make you guys wait any longer than I have already.

I do encourage anyone who love this novel and want to try translating it to try taking it up. Even if you don’t understand English, the novel is pretty MTL friendly and is not extremely long either. It’s only 1k+ in the first 50 or so chapters , then it jumps to 3k+ till the end. Although I did say I will stop translating this novel, I will always be free to help if you have trouble with the translation.

Lastly, I want to especially apologize to XD. I was the one who asked for TRWSB and could only offer this much in the end. I haven’t been a good translator to this series at all since the beginning.

To everyone, the very least I could do is to answer what is wrong with Zhuang Ling’s illness. Chapter 23 


Edit: Someone picked it up! Please go support the new translator!

Superstar Aspiration Chapter 29

I have been obsessed with this game Food Fantasy lately, it’s g r e a t  > . <

It’s this restaurant management/RPG game with humanoid foods. It a Chinese game that was just made global about 2 months ago I think? Do any of you guys play it? There’s lots of implied BL pairings there too if you’re not interested yet *winkwink

I’m just trying to pull everybody into Food Fantasy hell with me XD already pulled in one of my friends

I’m basically deep enough into the game that I’m willing to sacrifice some of SA’s translation time to translate some of the character’s backstory |∀・)ジ

If some of you do play, my IGN is Shiraiyuki on the goriville server.



Chapter is not edited because Shem is missing

Please tell me if you find any mistakes, but it should be readable.